Thursday, March 4, 2010

What Your Family MUST Have in the Fridge

One of the many frustrations of working mommas is hardly having time and energy left by dinner time. Or even before that! Sometimes you just want to close your eyes and desperately wish that when you open them, dinner will be done and everyone will be good boys and girls. But alas, not even the toughest mom can conjure such magic spells like Bewitched's Samantha...

So here's a little guide to help you out in the kitchen. I found them in

We can all use a little extra help becoming organized in the kitchen and during meal planning. The best way to ease stress is to be prepared. Make a list of frequently used items and attach it to your refrigerator door. Every weekend, check for items that you’re running low on, and take a trip to the store to replace them. Here are some items to get you started:

In your refrigerator
* Eggs (or egg substitute)
* Fat-free Parmesan cheese
* Fresh fruit
* Green onions
* Jar of minced garlic (I prefer to buy the already peeled garlic and then zest it into whatever I am cooking)
* Low-fat shredded cheese
* Low-fat yogurt
* Low-sodium soy sauce
* Pre-washed and sliced veggies
* Ready-to-eat salad bags
* Reduced-calorie margarine
* Fat-free milk

In your freezer

* Boneless, skinless chicken breasts
* Frozen pasta such as tortellini or ravioli
* Frozen vegetables
* Frozen yogurt
* Lean meat and pork
* Leftovers!
* Salad-size shrimp

The original article can be found here.

Got any tried-and-tested tips you'd like to share? How do you stay on top of things at home? Or do you also find yourself stuck in the struggle?


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