Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Fun, Flashy, Fashionable Hair Clips

Sugar and spice and everything nice. That’s what little girls are made of. But let’s face it, not all little girls are into frilly hair bows and ribbons. What’s a mom to do when her little angel starts asserting her own individual style? You guide her and let her explore and develop her own sense of style.

Here are some edgy hair accessories that your little fashion rebel would surely love.

The Wendy is a 2 ½” x 2 ¼” suede embroidered heart with tails. Available as a pinch clip or a French clip, this edgy hair clip brings a Wild Wild West vibe to your daughter’s chic-est play gear. The Wendy is a great accent to a deliberately messy half-pony hairstyle.

There are two Brenda styles: a black 1 ¾” punk baby skull with pink bow, and a white1 ½” x 1 ¼” punk iridescent skull and crossbones with bow and heart eyes. More cute than scary, these adorable pinch clips are sure to earn her some serious street cred on the playground.

Brenda Hearts is a pinch clip that comes in two punk metallic heart styles: a pink “baby doll” on a bubblegum clip, and a “love” heart on a purple clip.These trendy clips let your daughter wear her heart on her sleeve, or in her hair, as the case may be!

And check out the delicious Kennedy series of hair clips: these pinch clips feature wholesome crocheted fruit for a sweet look that’s still not frilly.
The Kennedy Cherries is available in red and shocking pink.
The Kennedy Watermelon is available in pink and shocking pink
The Kennedy strawberry is available in bubblegum, red and shocking pink.

Whatever your young daughter’s fashion inspiration, there’s a clip for her at No Slippy Hair Clippy!

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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Hip, Hip, Hooray for Headbands!

Stylish and comfortable, our headbands may be worn by all girls, from preemies to teens. We use only the finest bands of stretch velvet, satin, organdy, lace and grosgrain for our stylish headbands.

Here are two of our newest flower headband styles.

The pretty Nina headband  is a 2” silk flower with a beaded center on a 1/3” wide organdy headband. This baby headband will stay put even if baby frolics around or fidgets in her bassinet.The Nina headband is a sophisticated addition to your baby daughter’s wardrobe staples and may be worn by even the youngest of babies. It comes in two sizes: for baby girls 0-6 months, and for 6-24 months. It is available in black, black/scarlet, pink, shocking pink, and white.

For bigger/older girls who also want to wear this classy flower, the Nina may also be purchased as a pinch clip in the same colors as its namesake headband. The Nina hair clips are versatile enough to be dressed up for parties and special occasions or dressed down for everyday wear.

The Marci lace headband is a 4” silk flower with sequins on a ¾” soft and stretchy lace headband. It is available in pink, shocking pink and white. Also available as a pinch clip or a French clip, the Marci is a beauty of a bloom that looks best with chic Sunday’s best dresses. It is available in amethyst, black, cream, pink, scarlet, shocking pink and white.    
For even more headbands, flower clips and hair accessories, visit the Hair Clippy store.

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Monday, December 19, 2011

Give Hair Accessories as Baby Gifts this Holiday Season

Hair accessories aren’t traditionally given as baby gifts because hair clips usually just fall off babies’ wispy, downy hair. But with Hair Clippy, clips won’t slip or fall out of your baby’s hair! Our velvet-wrapped clips are guaranteed non-slip and won’t tug at your baby’s delicate hair.

This holiday season, what could be a better stocking stuffer than a set of Baby’s First Hair Clips? Our best-selling hair clips and baby bows have been packaged into sets of three and are perfect for that perfect little girl in your life! Our gift packs come with an organza bag and are ready for gift-giving.

Tried-and-true traditional baby gifts are still an excellent choice, though. Here are some fun examples:

Layette – This set of clothes for a newborn baby is a most welcome baby gift, as babies need a lot of clothes for all those changes throughout the day.  A set usually contains a combination of onesies, swaddling blankets, baby washcloths, socks and booties and other articles of clothing for baby.

Soft toys – Something for baby to cuddle (and chew on!), these traditional baby gifts usually come in cute and adorable animal shapes and are made of soft materials that are safe for your baby.

Bath sets – You may get a pre-packaged set or mix and match products to create a personalized set. Be sure to include gentle shampoo and cleansers plus moisturizers for baby’s delicate skin and hair.

Books – Reading to baby is a great way to develop a mother/father and baby bond. Baby will be soothed by hearing a parent’s voice. Look for books with colorful pictures and simple words for babies to understand as they begin to develop their minds and imagination.
Music CD – A great personalized baby gift. You can make a set of CDs with different themes: one CD might contain a set of soothing tunes for downtime and another might have stimulating music for playtime.

For even more baby gift ideas, check out the Hair Clippy store.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hair Clippy Photographer Amanda Elkins Featured on Babiekins Magazine

I would like to share this great article on Babiekins Magazine about Amanda Elkins, our wonderful photographer who got her start shooting for No Slippy Hair Clippy.  In the article, Amanda talks about how taking photos of her young children stoked her passion for photography and blossomed into a career:
“My friends would see the images and ask me to take a few shots of their kids, and soon, my friends’ friends were asking me to do the same for them. When my baby girl was about nine months old, I started shooting images of her for No Slippy Hair Clippy (a great hair accessories company for little girls). That led to working with child actress Ryan Newman for a No Slippy Hair Clippy catalog.”

Amanda has a keen eye for photographing children, capturing not just their innocence but also their character and individuality. We are proud to have her stellar photos grace our website and consider her a valuable, influential force on the Hair Clippy brand.

Since her early days with us at Hair Clippy, Amanda has gone on to do fashion shoots with TV and movie stars and other celebrities. She recently shot four Twilight actors for the Fall issue of Zooey Magazine, and has produced photo shoots featuring stars such as Jennifer Love Hewitt and Anna Kendrick.

Amanda is based in LA and is currently photography director of Zooey Magazine. See more of her work here.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Winter White Baby Bows

Use winter white baby bows to transform your baby girl’s look! Like a fresh blanket of snow transforms the landscape into something completely new and pristine, putting a winter white bow on your daughter’s hair changes her aura. The neutral white of the baby bow brings out the color of her hair and skin and she suddenly seems fresher, cleaner, and even more angelic (if that’s possible!).

The Grace baby bow, a delicately beautiful organza flower with pearls at the center, can be worn with her dressiest Sunday best  for major angelic appeal. The Grace comes in a pinch clip style in classic clean colors like white, pink and cream.

The sweetly innocent Ava, a grosgrain Double Baby Bow on a pinch clip, is the perfect hair accessory to prettify even the most rough-and-tumble outfit. Plus, like all meticulously handcrafted clips from Hair Clippy, it’s guaranteed to stay in place. The Ava comes in five colors. Choose from: white, lavender, pink, red, and shocking pink.

The regal Whitney Queen Bow and the Whitney Princess are truly befitting of royalty. Both are available in pinch clip and French clip styles. The 5” classic Queen Bow comes in no less than a dozen colors, all the better to go with her majesty’s many wardrobe choices! The Whitney Princess, a 3 ½ ” grosgrain version of the Whitney Queen Bow, is available in eight colors.

the Whitney Queen Bow
the Whitney Princess Bow

Score major style points with these winter white bows from Hair Clippy!

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hair Clippy Big Discount Promo – 70% off all retired styles!

Get ready to stuff your stockings with great hair clips and accessories from Hair Clippy! We are having a huge discount promo – 70% off discount on all retired styles. Go to the SALE section of the Hair Clippy store to start shopping now! To get the 70% off discount, use the coupon code D31 at checkout.

The Jane is one of many styles on sale at 70% off.
Every so often we retire some of our older designs to give way to the new ones. So to all you Hair Clippy fans out there, now would be the perfect time to swoop in and get our quality hair clips and hair bows at super-low prices!

Hair Clippy clips are the first no-slip hair clip. Our clips are velvet-wrapped and guaranteed not to slip even on babies’ fine wispy hair. Our clips were created to stylishly accompany your little girl as she goes through the various ages and stages of her life.

Stock up now on our meticulously handcrafted hair clips and accessories. There are literally dozens of styles up on sale. Don’t forget to enter the coupon code D31 at checkout to get your 70% off discount.

Please note that styles on sale have been discontinued, so stocks are limited.

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Flower Hair Accessories in Full Bloom at Hair Clippy

Mary, Mary, quite contrary,
How does your garden grow?

With silver bells and cockle shells
And pretty maids all in a row.

If Mary could only see the flower hair accessories available at Hair Clippy, she’d have a different answer! Spring may be long gone, but your daughter can still wear pretty flowers in her hair. Our gorgeous flowers bloom all year round and are available in a variety of styles and a rainbow of colors to dress up any outfit.

The Sage flower clip is a 5” silk spider sunflower that looks like a real sunflower, only better, because it'll never wilt! This summery bloom is great to wear on top of a pony tail. Its larger size goes well with older girls’ thicker hair but our no-slip pinch clip ensures that it won’t slip even on wispier hair. The Sage clip is available in shocking pink or white.

The pretty Charlie is a 2" Bohemian flower available in a pinch clip style. It is available in navy, pink, scarlet, shocking pink, and white. This flower clip may be used to dress up a single-color outfit -- the monochromatic shades will bring out the flower's vibrant colors and highlight your daughter's natural beauty.

The Marci is a 4" silk flower with sequins. It is available in dramatic colors such as amethyst, scarlet, black cream, pink, shocking pink and white.This meticulously handcrafted flower hair clip can be a dressy topper to any outfit and is guaranteed to stay in place all day.

The Jillian is an organza flower with gemstone center. This saucy flower can zoom from the classroom to the playground to a party with elegant ease!

The Ramie is a double sequined orchid and is available as either a pinch clip or French clip. This gorgeous tropical bloom may be worn to the side as a single clip or on top of a half-pony style. Either way, it's sure to garner major style points for both you and your daughter.

Your daughter will be the prettiest flower in the garden with these hair clips from Hair Clippy!

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Cyber Weekend Sales Event, 40% off everything at Hair Clippy!

 This Cyber Weekend, No Slippy Hair Clippy  is offering a big blowout promo!

From now until midnight Nov 28, get our beautifully handcrafted baby bows, hair clips and other lovely hair accessories, everything at 40% off! Use the code CM28 at checkout.

Stock up on gifts for all the girls in your family. Whether she’s a baby or a toddler, or already a young girl, we have something she’s sure to like (and look good in!). There’s a whole selection of products for teens and women as well. Get a whole bouquet of our gorgeous flowers! Get our fun Clipettes in all available prints. Get cheer bows for the entire squad!

Hair Clippy clips stay on, and won’t break or damage hair. Our quality hair clips are wrapped in high grade Swiss velvet, ensuring non-slip grip that won’t pull or tug at her hair.

Remember, to get the 40% discount, you need to enter the promo code CM28 at checkout. This promo expires midnight Nov 28, so don't let this great deal pass you by!

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Stylish Baby on a Budget

In these tough economic times, budgetary constraints can shift our spending focus to basics such as food, shelter, and education, rather than fashion.

This is understandable, and not all parents are able to buy new baby clothes as often as they’d like. Young kids with older siblings often benefit from hand-me-downs. No worries here, because smart moms know how to re-work old clothes into new outfits by mixing and matching separates.

Another way that budget-savvy moms can spruce up old clothes is with some smart accessorizing. One way of doing this is with fashionable Clipettes – the most budget-friendly items in the Hair Clippy collection.

Clipettes® Prints come in many different designs, each one creating a different look for your little girl:

The Argyle Print makes even a plain hand-me-down look preppy and new.
The playful Leopard Print Clipette® creates a cute jungle vibe, especially when worn with another animal print accessory.
The Peace Signs Clipette® evokes a cool, hippie effect, perfect with a tie-dyed baby romper.
Cute, budget-friendly fashions, care of Hair Clippy Clipettes, are a small ray of light in these tough economic times.

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Baby Bows that Bring Thanksgiving Cheer

It’s Thanksgiving once again! For this year’s dinner feast and family get-together, dress up your little one in a cute baby outfit befitting the spirit of the season. And to highlight her outfit, choose one of our Hair Clippy baby bows in fun and spirited styles.

The Mimi, an adorable polka-dot grosgrain bow, is available in rich fall colors like pink brown and dark brown-pink, as well as bubblegum and shocking pink. It comes in a pinch clip style that, like all other Hair Clippy bows, is lined with plush, high-grade velvet for a soft but secure grip. It is guaranteed not to slip and will not only keep her hair out of her eyes but off her portion of the Thanksgiving feast as well!

The Dottie, also a polka-dot grosgrain bow, comes in seven colors, so finding a match to your daughter’s outfit will be a breeze. Choose from: black, dark brown-pink, navy, pink, pink-brown, red, or shocking pink.

The Zoey is a pretty, elegant topper to the dressiest of baby girl dresses. It is a mini pinch clip with a soft chiffon baby bow and comes in colors such as maroon, pale pink, shocking pink, and white.

For even more adorable styles to mix and match with your baby’s outfit, go to HairClippy.com. Whichever style you chose, you can be sure that your daughter will get compliments for her fabulous Thanksgiving fashion. And you will rest easy knowing that whether she’s running around with rambunctious cousins or sitting on granddad’s knee, her hair will stay in place.

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Baby Bows for Her Sunday Best

Last week your baby got all dressed up for Halloween, now we dial it back a bit with a prim yet stylish look fit for family Sundays.

Whether you take her to Church or visit grandma’s house, this pair of No Slippy Hair Clippy bows will keep her hair perfectly place, with a dash of elegance.

Favorite GranddaughterSundays are popular days for family get-togethers, and the perfect opportunity for your daughter to visit her grandparents.

Be sure to dress her up warmly, and consider the Sam baby bow (below in French Blue and Shocking Pink) to boost her cuteness levels to downright irresistible!

Most Sunday congregations observe a dress code, and your baby is no exception. Instead of taking her straight from crib to church in her crinkled jammies, slip her in a pretty cotton dress in beautiful shades of white or tasteful pastels.

Accessorize with the Payton baby bow (below in Bubblegum, Red and Shocking Pink) for a touch playfulness.

Each Payton baby bow is attached to an alligator mini pinch clip that stays on no matter how many admirers cuddle her or stroke her lovely hair. This double-dotted hair accessory also comes in two darker colors – Black and Navy.

So don’t drop the ball on Sundays. As one of the few days when your newborn is expected to be turned out, you should dress her to impress.

Browse the No Slippy Hair Clippy store for more baby hair accessories for Sundays and weekend get-togethers.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

HairClippy Breaks Top 10 of Totally Awesome Awards

The voting for your favorite brand of kids accessories is done – and we made it to the Top 10!

Thank you to everyone who voted for us since the Red Tricycle awards started last October. Here’s our winning screenshot that should make you proud as a No Slippy Hair Clippy fan!
We hope you had lots of fun voting and receiving random prizes from Giggle. It’s always great to see you come out and let us know that you think we’re doing a great job. We think the same of you, too!

Thanks again and we hope you vote for us again next year, and make us your number 1 favorite!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Clip of the Month: An Abby Bow for Every Costume

It's time to play Halloween dress-up with your babies, but don't forget to make the costumes extra pretty with the No Slippy Hair Clippy clip of the month – the Abby baby bow.

This popular clip comes in nine color combinations that can match everything from fairytale gowns to superheroine suits. Which baby bow goes best with your baby's costume? To guide your styling decisions, we've paired up the handy Halloween accessory to the most popular outfits in 2011.

Pink-y Princess

For your newborn, there's no better costume than a Disney princess dress – it's sweet, fanciful and movie star adorable. Cinderella and Snow White ball gowns look so elegant, so pair them with pink-hued Abby bows, which give your baby's hair an equally delicate touch.
Shown from left:
Bubblegum, Dark Brown-Pink, Pink and Shocking-Pink styles.

Superheroine Sweetie

Don't care for dainty? Then suit up your child in a crime-fighting suit. Soften up what could be a too-tough look with dark, yet still feminine Abby clip bows. A prominent baby bow also flags the other parents to call her Supergirl instead of Superboy.
Shown from left:
Dark Brown, Pink-Brown and Navy styles.

Stand-out Toddlers

Babies are easy enough to dress up; they won't fight you for what to wear while trick-or-treating. But your toddler will have a say, and often she will demand something shiny, glittery and totally cute. Help her create her dream costume, then make sure she shines the brightest on Halloween night by clipping her hair with a bright-colored Abby clips.
Shown from left:
Orange, Red and Yellow styles.

For more Halloween hair accessories, visit the No Slippy Hair Clippy store. (All baby costume pictures from Costume Craze.)

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