Friday, October 29, 2010

5 Steps to a Better You!

Being a mom is arguably the most under appreciated title in the world. We are loving, dedicated and hardworking 24/7, but aren’t there days you’re missing your “me time”? I call it, BC- Before Children!

Since No Slippy Hair Clippy’s mission is to make the world prettier one girl at a time (of any age!), we have a few tricks that might give you a refreshing new boost! We must not forget that we deserve to be pampered too! It’s those little things that can make a big difference, and you won’t have to endure a head-to-toe makeover. Seriously, who has the time for that? All you need are a few little steps here and there, and the outcome can be very uplifting.

The Skin You’re In
Your skin ages with you, so as the years roll by, it may start to develop brown spots and splotches. It’s simply how nature works and is beyond anyone’s control. But you can do something to at least make sure that your skin tone is even! Look for skin products that are especially formulated to address this and include them in your morning and bedtime beauty routines.

Hair We Go!
Let your hair down! For an entire day, resist any urge to put your hair up in the usual bun or ponytail. Just keep some shorter strands away from your face by using one of your favorite No Slippy Hair Clips and you’re good to go! Or, if you really have to bun it up, acessorize with a lovely hair clip! Sometimes, it's the simplest things like these that can do wonders in helping you relax and rejuvenate. All you have to do now is to count how many compliments will come your way.

As they say, big things can come in small packages. Accessories may be small, but they make big style statements—even when you’re at home! An instant dose of pretty always helps to boost your mood. Experiment on adding a bracelet or two, or maybe cute earrings, or even a dainty headband. Mix and match with your outfits and pretty soon, you’ll find yourself coordinating stylishly and with ease.

You Are What You Eat
The “D”-word may automatically trigger an eye-roll from you, but you can stay healthy even without having to do major overhauls to your diet. Start with a healthy baby steps. Resist those urges to snack by choosing a favorite fruit. (I recently discovered Honey Crips Apples, from Washington state, and they are unbelievable!) Stay away from grazing on your kids’ food, from picking at the leftovers, and secretly snatching Mc D’s french fries (you can’t just have one!) If you can avoid those nickel-and-dime calories, it will be easier to make wiser decisions with food. Sit down and eat a meal. Chew and enjoy your food whenever possible. It can help by simply making this change. (Easier said than done, definitely!)

Tea for Two—Or Just for You!
Oftentimes, there’s nothing like a freshly-brewed cuppa’ joe! But even though coffee perks us up and gets us going, it can also be the reason why we’re jittery and even a little stressed. A healthier substitute is green tea, which is packed with antioxidants that help boost metabolism and does wonders for the skin, but doesn’t usually have the adverse reactions as coffee sometimes does. ( I still love my coffee!)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tips for Do-It-Yourself Coloring

Walking down the grocery isle of hair coloring products can be very overwhelming! There’s lots of products to choose, and color can be a little scary! (I know, it’s Halloween time, and dying our hair can be fun for our trick or treating celebrations, but what about real everyday life?) With so much to do on a daily basis, we barely have time for ourselves, and taking a trip to the salon is either out of the question or out of the budget.

Of course, it’s probably best to leave haircuts and special, more in depth coloring treatments to the professionals, but simpler hairstyle remedies like basic coloring can be done at home. Here are some tips to get you started:

Buddy System. Just like the song says, you can get by with a little help from your friends. To make things easier for you, invite a trusted buddy over to provide an extra pair of hands. She will be able to address hard-to-reach and hard-to-see areas like the back of your hair.

Go with the Cut. Experts agree that when you have your hair highlighted, it should complement your haircut and not the other way around. For example, if you have a face-framing haircut, it is best to wear highlights that help to brighten your face. Find a color that balances out the style of your hair.

Start Small. If this is your first time to color or highlight your own hair, you may want to stick to small streaks. Going big and chunky might be too dramatic and may make you more prone to mishaps. Remember, less is more! Or, try using a color rinse if you’re just covering some grays. You can do this in the shower, and at least you know the color will eventually rinse out over the next few weeks, if you’re not thrilled with it.

Tools of the Trade. It might help to simplify things if you use tools like a toothbrush or if you are confident enough, just your fingers! Try using your forefinger and thumb to paint your strands. The result is lovely sun-kissed highlights.

Whoops! Now, if you end up doing a not-so-stellar job of coloring on your own, you may have to push through with that salon visit after all. But if it’s not so bad, a fuss-free solution is simply putting on hair accessories. Put your hair up in a lazy bun and secure with fun hair clips to keep the eyes away from your hair. Or you can braid your tresses to one side and secure with your favorite hair bow.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Update Your Hairstyle!

How quick time flies! Before we know it, we’ll be right smack in the middle of the holiday rush once again. But isn’t it exciting?! It’s a season for getting together with family and friends, so of course you will want to look your holiday best! We don’t mean a total overhaul of your style, just fun little changes here and there to keep you looking refreshed. Before you are neck-deep in all the madness of gift-hunting and gatherings, here are our top 5 tips for updating your hairstyle.

Dare to Get Bangs!
If you want something new that is not too drastic, then why not consider getting bangs? (They’re all the rage among young Hollywood.) Whether wispy, chunky or side-swept, bangs can help soften your look. The right bangs can also frame your face and add character to your style. One good thing about having bangs is that if you don’t like the look, you can easily twist and pin them back with a cute No Slippy® hair clip, while they are growing back!

Make Accessories Your Best Friends
A quick way to add flair to any style is by simply adding the right accessories. Sometimes, an elegant necklace or trendy earrings can single-handedly complete your look! It works the same way for hair accessories. Almost any hairdo gets an instant update by adding a dainty headband or cute hair clips.

Add Some Shimmer
Even with a smashing new hairstyle, you don’t want dull and lifeless hair. Visit your favorite salon to get a gloss or glaze treatment that will give your hair a fabulous shine.

Update Your Ponytail
If you find it difficult to part with your beloved ponytail, then at least give it a stylish update. Let your ponytail loose! These past few seasons, it has become very fashionable to wear Bridget Bardot-esque ponytails that have volume at the crown of your head. To do this, use a fine-tooth comb to tease one-inch sections of hair at a time and then gently pushing hair down towards your scalp. Lightly smooth back your hair over the teased section and then secure with elastic. For extra hold, mist with hairspray.

Friday, October 22, 2010

No Slippy Hair Clippy $25 Giveaway!

Who wants to splurge on the first and finest no-slip clips in the market today? ;)

Mom to Bed by 8 is hosting a $25 giveaway! For details on how to join, head on over to her blog here! The giveaway ends on November 5, 2011 at 11:59 PM Central and is open to US and Canadian residents!

She also wrote a fabulous review of No Slippy Hair Clippy. She shares:

"The quality of each clip and headband is very good, and I love the vast choices one has in colors and designs! The website is very easy to navigate, and find what you are looking for. I love that there is a hair accessory for every age and style preference as well.

If you are looking for a great gift idea, especially with the Christmas gift giving season approaching, then I highly recommend No Slippy Hair Clippy!"

So, what are you waiting for? Join now and you might win all the clips you will ever need just in time for the holidays!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More Mommy Love for No Slippy Hair Clippy

A lot of chefs would say that the best compliment anybody could ever give them is an empty plate. After all, what could be more telling of your superb cooking skills than your food being thoroughly enjoyed by your guests? If they go for seconds, then even better!

For us at No Slippy Hair Clippy, the best compliment that we could ever receive are happy moms and daughters bonding over our no-slip clips! So we are very honored and grateful when moms take the time to share those special moments with us!

Recently, Today's Parent Magazine's Special Editions associate editor Tracy Chappell blogged about her adventures with her little picky eater, Avery, who has been slowly trying new things like fresh tomatoes and cucumbers. With the blog entry, she shared a photo of Avery looking lovely with her No Slippy Hair Clippy!

Tracy wrote:

"I’ve gotta also say, this is the first time I got Avery to leave any sort of “decoration” in her hair. We tried out the No Slippy Hair Clippy brand and they’re adorable and stay put in a child’s fine hair. I wish you could see it better in the picture, because it was so cute. Anna also adores them." [from Tracy's Mama Memoirs]

Thank you so much Tracy! We are thrilled that Avery love our no-slip clips!

Monday, October 18, 2010

BOO-tiful Halloween Clips at 40% Off!

Are you and your little one ready for some trick-or-treatin'? Have a spook-tacular Halloween with No Slippy Hair Clippy!

All of our BOO-tiful Halloween styles have been marked down to 40% off for the next three days only.* And that's not all! Everything else is discounted 30% (gifts and retired styles not included) when you use the following code: PHS1021

Take advantage of this special sale for Trick-or-Treating this year. Remember: choose expedited shipping (priority mail or UPS) if you want to make sure your package arrives by Halloween. The post office can take up to 10 business days for a standard $2.95 delivery (frightening, isn't it!?).

*Offer good until midnight on Thursday 10/21. Limited to supplies on hand.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Samantha Harris's Daughter Josselyn Celebrates with No Slippy Hair Clippy!

We get tickled pink whenever we hear news about moms everywhere loving No Slippy Hair Clippy. We are so honored that moms have chosen to make our hair accessories a part of their lives!

But what makes us feel extra special is when families celebrate important occasions with our hair clips. Just like little Josselyn, daughter of TV personality Samantha Harris, who celebrated her third birthday recently.

Celebrity Baby Blog reports that Samantha and Josselyn hosted a fun birthday bash where guests received lots of awesome gift bags that include No Slippy Hair Clippy!

"Guests of the party received personalized gift bags filled with items from Name Your Design, Emily Press, BamBoo Hugs, No Slippy Hair Clippy, Jenerations Baby, Skip Hop, Fisher Price and Random House." [quote and photo from Celebrity Baby Blog]

Thank you so much for making us a part of your birthday, Josselyn!

Friday, October 8, 2010

5 More Minutes - Hair Rescue!

There are days when your bed just seems to be beckoning you to sleep in. And you say to yourself, “Okay, five more minutes,” only to wake up a full hour later! What do you do when you’re running late and you barely have time to pull yourself together? Well, you will have to figure out how to breeze through the shower and squeeze in a bit of breakfast. But you can leave your bed-head woes to us! We have some style tricks to make you look effortlessly chic:

The Basics
• The ultimate time-saver is to shower in the evening so that you can let your hair air-dry overnight and just do little tweaks in styling the next morning.
• Always in a rush? Keep dry shampoos handy! Use these when you have to skip the shower to keep your hair clean, fresh and non-greasy throughout the day.
• For a no-fuss way of hiding less-than-perfect hair, no matter what the length or cut, headbands are your best friends. Choose gorgeous designs, like No Slippy Hair Clippy’s headbands! Here’s one of my favorites!

If you really MUST shower, here are quick tricks:

For Short Hair
The great thing about short hair is that it looks just as good when it’s a bit messy! Go for an elegantly disheveled look. Apply pomade to damp hair and for a bit of movement, spritz on a light hair spray and then allow to air-dry.

For Shoulder-Length Hair
Hair at this length is easier to style than you think! A chic go-to hairstyle is a sexy sideswipe. After you shower, apply a leave-in treatment on your tresses to keep it shiny and tangle-free. Then take a section of your hair from the crown and pull to the side. Fasten into place with your favorite hair clippy. Mist with hair spray and voila: you’re out the door to wow everyone!

For Long Hair
Unwashed hair? Perfect! You can easily pull off a half-up, half-down hairstyle. Run a little mousse through your hair. Make a deep side part and then pull the front section backwards loosely. Do the same to the other side and then fasten with a cute hair clip. End with a little styling cream and to give it a feminine finish, pull your loose hair over your shoulders.

If you want a little more polish, then go for a simple braid. A braid is the hairstyle of the moment and it cannot be any easier to do! Start braiding towards the middle of your head and then pull to the side, towards your shoulder, for a French-braid effect.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

No Slippy Hair Clippy in Canada

In our mission to make the world prettier, one girl at a time, we are now distributing our award-winning hair accessories to Canada! We’ve teamed up with Kidcentral Supply Inc., a family-owned company based in Toronto, to bring moms, babies, and girls of all ages in Canada the finest non-slip hair accessories®!

No Slippy Hair Clippy®’s patent-pending design of hair clips are lined with exclusive velvet that boasts a snug, secure hold, but won’t break or damage hair.

Recent press release:
September 1, 2010 Vacaville, CA: No Slippy Hair Clippy® is pleased to announce that they will be represented and distributed throughout Canada by Kidcentral Supply Inc., a family-owned company based in Toronto that discovers, promotes, and wholesales innovative children’s products to thousands of Canadian retailers. The lines they represent include Baby Banz®, Snack-Trap®, Steadyco®, The Peanut Shell®, and other nationally recognized brands. Kidcentral has also developed its own line under the brand name Immature, featuring an ever-expanding collection of unique and useful products.

“I love selling No Slippy Hair Clippy®! The designs are beautiful, their quality is outstanding, and we really enjoy working with Annie and her team. They make selling these products very easy, which has us looking forward to a long-standing business relationship.” - Tammy Zilberberg, President & CEO, Kidcentral Supply Inc.

“We are so excited to team up with Kidcentral, which we’re positive will be a great opportunity to grow our business in Canada. The products they represent are wonderful, and it feels like we’ve found the right place to be!” - Annie Salyer, President & CEO, No Slippy Hair Clippy®

No Slippy Hair Clippy® makes the finest hair accessories available today, and is the winner of a 2008 Earnie Award for Design Excellence (a fashion award voted on by retailers throughout the USA). Having created the first no-slip clip in 2000, our patent-pending, beautifully handcrafted baby bows, baby hair accessories, hair clips, and headbands are guaranteed to stay in place. No Slippy Hair Clippy® continues to introduce trend setting and innovative products that are made in the USA, for girls of all ages.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Clipettes™ - The Little Hair Clips That Can®

Our newest line of hair clips, which we call Clipettes™, has been getting love all over the web lately! Well, after all, what’s not to love? Clipettes™ are a value based division of NSHC, offering fully lined grosgrain ribbon prints and bows with an exclusive non-slip grip to give a soft, yet secure hold.

There are plenty of designs to choose from: 5 different bow styles and 15 fun novelty prints that will suit your daughters every mood (and outfit)! Our new line of Clipettes™ is budget-friendly, with prices starting at only $2.95! What’s not to love about that?!

Here’s what some moms have to say about our Clipettes:

“I was sent a few of the Clipettes™ to try, and they work amazingly well on my daughters fine hair. She is in the middle of growing out a "bad" hair cut and these little Clipettes™ keep the bangs out of her eyes. Plus they are super cute and with such good prices you can get several different bows. I highly recommend Clipettes from No Slippy Hair Clippy.” –from Brodie of 1 Prince and 3 Princesses

“The Clipettes are fully lined grosgrain hair clips and bows, and feature No Slippy's® trademark “non-slip clip” design, to hold the wispiest hair securely without damaging it. These clips retail from $2.95-$5.95. We received a bow and 2 hair clips to try out and I have to tell you, they really stay in Abby's hair. No longer do I have to look around my house for clips that have fallen out of her hair.” –from Ann of A Latte in the Morning

“Could Clipettes™ be any cuter? As of July, the latest innovation from No Slippy Hair Clippy [are] five different bows all created from top quality solid grosgrain ribbon! These modern ribbon prints and bows are a perfect everday value… And to make them completely irresistible, Clipettes™ bows range from $4.95-$5.95! Clipettes—cuter than ever, and hair to stay!” – from Margaret of Creative Madness Mama
Try them out for yourself! Choose from these adorable styles:

Young actress Ryan Newman is wearing our Fiona Clipette Bow

Or see more styles in the No Slippy Hair Clippy website!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Trick or Treatin' with No Slippy Hair Clippy!

Halloween is just around the corner and soon you’ll be dressing up your cutest little characters on the block! Of course you need to make sure the costume you choose is safe and comfortable, as well as adorable! Here are some basic guidelines:

Choose a costume that allows easy movement. Your little ones will be moving and active trick or treating, so make sure that their costume is comfortable. Avoid too many frills and high heels (for the older girls)! Your child may be the adventurous type, but avoid using masks for the under 3 crowd, as they may obscure vision and make it difficult for seeing and breathing. Comfortable attire will allow a more enjoyable evening.

Choose a costume that is visible in the dark. Since Halloween celebrations traditionally take place in the evening outside, it’s important to consider costumes that are easily visible to motorists. One suggestion is to add reflective tape to their costumes or trick or treat bag, so they are seen easily in the dark.

Choose a costume that will stay put as she moves about but can also be removed quickly. In case of an emergency, it’s best for an easy on and off costume. Look for ones that have zippers, velcro and snap-on closures. And of course, no costume is ever complete without the right hair accessories. No Slippy's® wide range of hair clips are guaranteed to stay put and add some flair to her costume! Our patent-pending design is easy to clip in, and you won’t need to worry about losing her hair clip, it will stay in snug and secure all night long!

Just in time for Halloween, the October issue of Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine has included No Slippy Hair Clippy® in their "All Dressed Up" feature about little ones getting dressed up for Trick or Treat! This lovely little ballerina is wearing our Haley Baby Bow® in pink, fast becoming a best-selling bow! Haley baby bow® comes on our 1 ¼” mini clippy, so it’s smaller, but just as grippy, and a steal at $5.95!


Aren't they simply adorable? What about you: have you thought of what your baby girl will dress up as this Halloween?