Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Rescue

It's amazing that the King of kings of Lord of lords would take the time to listen to me when I call out to Him. And it's even more amazing that He would run to my rescue, even when I fool myself into thinking that I can make it on my own. Yet, He has always proven Himself faithful and He has rescued me many times over.

Whenever I need rescuing, He reminds me of a different 911--- Psalm 91:1. When the world proves too much, He welcomes me into His arms and gives me rest.

I have entered this inspiring photo in both Blue Monday and Word-Filled Wednesday. Have a meaningful week, everyone!



  1. I love the beach scene and the Scripture.

  2. How lovely and reassuring.You've chosen a beautiful Psalm to share:) Happy Blue Monday!

  3. Love that psalm. And yes He is amazing.

  4. Beautiful psalm and photo. Thanks for sharing. Happy Blue Monday!

  5. Love the verse you set to the picture. The shadows in the picture are lovely against the blue.

  6. what a lovely post and photo :) have a wonderful week ahead too!

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  7. Amen. I am so glad Jehovah-God is the faithful One. I love when verses hit home and impress me to think or think differently or wrap me in GOd's tender touch. Neat shadows cast on that cove/beach. MAkes ya think about it! Thanks! Jenn <><

  8. what a familiar scenery... thanks for sharing the verse. God Bless


  9. I LOVE this verse!
    Have a great week:)

  10. So completely true - God always knows how much we need, where and when we need it, and He is faithful to be there for us in all situations.
    I guess that is why we need to be consistently in contact with Him - not just for the 911 calls - but the "Thanks you God for allowing me to wake and live another day" thoughts as well.

    Thanks for making me think this morning!
    Have a wonderful day!