Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Jennifer LOVES Us!

Just when you thought our adorable No Slippy Hair Clippys are only for little princesses, we found a grown-up princess looking fabulous with it!

In People Magazine's March 8, 2010 issue, lovely actress Jennifer Love Hewitt wore No Slippy Hair Clippy's Emily Bow in Pink!

This is our best-selling bow, so we're ecstatic that she loves it too. It was to complete her retro get-up for her 80s-themed 31st birthday party!

Emily - Grosgrain Baby Bow (Pink)
Available in 25 colors

We are thrilled that Jennifer chose our clippy to wear on her special day! It makes us feel very special ourselves!

What do you think about Jennifer's 80s look? Is she rocking it? What was the most memorable themed party that you've attended?


1 comment:

  1. she is rockin it I love your Ponder ponder ponder, this is my first time here i love your clippys