Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fun and Funky Mommy No Slippy Giveaway!

Fun and Funky Mommy is a great blog that reviews baby and children's products. The woman behind the blog is named Dana and a mother herself. She used to own a baby consignment store so she knows all about children's fashion!

I love baby and children's products, it's just a part of me. I used to own a children's consignment store and I loved it. I had to sell it when my now one year old was 4 months to spend more time at home with him and my 6 year old daughter. I sure miss the kids stuff though, who wouldn't these days with all the neat stuff companies, especially moms, are coming up with.

Dana loved NSHC products so much that she decided to host a giveaway on her blog. Please check it out and enter yourself to win some of our most adorable products!

No Slippy Hair Clippy Review and Giveaway

No Slippy Hair Clippy makes all sorts of cute hair clips for your little one, your toddler, older daughter or even yourself. We are loving our no slippy hair clippies! They are so cute. My daughter got some clips and she wears them all of the time. I even wore one the other day. They stay on really well and come in all sorts of prints and bows and flowers. There are sure to be some you like, even fall in love with.

We also got one of their headbands, my cousins daughter looks so adorable in it. They are great to give babies that don't have a lot of hair a bit of flair with their outfit. She left it on no problem and it was a size 6-24 months. She is one and it was a good fit but had a lot of room left in it to grow.

Do you have a cute little girl in your life or want some clips if your own? Well if you do we have a giveaway for you!


No Slippy Hair Clippy is giving away a $25 gift certificate to our winner!

To Enter:

Go to No Slippy Hair Clippy and tell me what you would get with your $25 if you won

(this must be done, if it is not done none of the additional entries will count!)

Check out her website for more details and to enter yourself to win!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

These are a few of my favorite blogs...

There are a surprisingly large list of women on the blog circuit who are incredibly brilliant writers. Most are mothers, some are activists, some have gone to college, others have not. However, they all have two things in common, a talent for putting pen to paper, or in this case fingers to keyboard, and an ever present ability to laugh at themselves and inspire others to laugh along with them. If you enjoy a hearty guffaw or the occasional shedding of a well deserved tear, then you should give these ladies your support and visit their blogs. I think you will be happy you did. I certainly feel more enlightened after getting to know them, even if only from behind a computer screen.





I would say more about each blog but I really don't think I could do them justice. It is a deeply personal relationship that gets formed when you find a blog you love. So please check them out, and if you fall in love with them like I did, then I will be a happy little cyberspace match maker... and if not, that's OK too. They were mine first anyway! ;)

Baby Baldness?

I came across a rather interesting article called "Battling Baby Baldness". I was very intrigued to say the least. Apparently many babies who are too young to stand/sit on their own suffer from a small bald spot on the back of their head due to laying down all of the time.

Newnan mom Victoria Walton actually did, after her perfectly healthy baby girl, Amira, started losing a patch of delicate hair on the back of her head.

But it wasn’t enough to camouflage Amira’s “cul-de-sac of hairs” look, so Walton began stitching squares of satin to place under her head whenever she lay her down. The idea: Less friction means less rubbing and shedding.

That homespun invention has evolved into a commercial enterprise: Infant Hair Protector, now available in pink and blue both online and at a handful of children’s stores across metro Atlanta.

While it might seem a nonessential item in a tough economy, Walton says the first batch of 1,200, made a few months ago, are well on their way to selling out.

What prompted her to take action?

“For me, it was so noticeable,” Walton said about the balding that affected her daughter, and then her infant son. “And it’s really unsightly and odd-looking to see a baby like that, especially if you look at the back of the head and see it.”

Not that a balding baby is unusual. In fact, it’s perfectly normal, even common, for babies to shed their newborn hair, the American Academy of Pediatrics says. The hair typically grows back within a few months, and as the baby moves around more, this type of hair loss should correct itself.

To read the entire article, visit: http://www.ajc.com/services/content/printedition/2009/03/29/baldbaby0329.html

To visit Victoria's website, visit: www.babywalton.com

Well, I personally feel that unless the infant is in pain, the worry a bit of hair falling out, especially when it is a completely normal occurrence, is simply an issue of the mother's vanity. Not that I would judge anyone for purchasing one! I just don't think that I would bother myself. What does everyone think of this invention? Is it something that you would gladly hand over $24.99 plus S&H for? Or do you think this it is an unnecessary precaution and a waste of money? I would love to hear feedback.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Top Five Favorite Family Movies of 2009

2009 has been an extremely successful year for the movies. When most other businesses have been hurting due to the "recession", the box office has been making MORE money this year. In fact, sales are up 20% from 2008, and 25% from 2005. 2009 has been breaking ticket sales records every single month so far. It isn't too hard to imagine why. With the economy doing so poorly, more and more people are looking for cheap sources of entertainment for themselves and their family. What better way to do that then by going to the movies? $7.00-$10.00 will get you 2 hours of blissful, uninterrupted, air conditioned fun!

I have been thoroughly impressed with quite a few movies this year. There has been a plethora of funny, stimulating and family oriented pictures to pick from. For example; Transformers, Up, Ice Age, Harry Potter, the list is endless. So I thought it might be a good idea to share my top five list of family films of 2009. Here they are in no particular order:


Ponyo is an animated adventure about a 5 year old boy and a goldfish princess. This goldfish, who is the daughter of the king of the ocean and has magic at her fingertips, befriends a little boy who spends time around the sea. A deep bond develops between them and the goldfish princess begins to long to be a human. The movie is extremely sweet and really allows the person watching to delve into the fantasy of it all.

2. UP

Up is a Disney Pixar film that will captivate any aged audience member. A 78 year old man, Carl Fredricksen finally gets to realize a long time dream of his to see the world. He attaches thousands of balloons to his home and flies away to South America. Carl realizes all too soon that he has a stow away. An 8 year old boy named Russel who has bothered him on more than one occasion. A hilarious bit of humor ensues and I was thoroughly enthralled by the 3D graphics and wonderful story telling.


Coraline is a stop motion animated picture about broken dreams and the quest to repair them once again. A little girl named Coraline moves into a new home with her parents. The home is dilapidated and in desperate need of repair. Coraline who is endlessly curious and very bored, goes on a mission to get to know her new home. In the process she finds a hidden door that leads her to another world. In this world she is confronted by a second set of parents who have evil intentions. She is now forced to defeat her wicked "other mother". It is incredibly visually stimulating and the story is enrapturing.


Earth is a stunning tale of real world animals and their quest of survival. Earth is partially constructed from the Discovery Channel television series PLANET EARTH. This brilliant picture was made possible because of 250 days of aerial footage, shot from planes, helicopters, and air balloons. You get to follow the lives of 3 families of whales, elephants and polar bears. I loved how educating the film was and how emotionally attached I become to all the animals.


The sixth installment of the popular Harry Potter books did not disappoint, as I expected. In the interest of not spoiling anything for people who may have not seen this yet I will only say a few things.
Voldemort is beginning to threaten the safety and well being of the Muggle and the students of Hogwarts are finding themselves more vulnerable than ever before. Harry is realizing that even within the castle walls there is danger afoot. He seeks Dumbledores guidance but finds no help because Dumbledore is preoccupied with preparing Harry for his final battle. This film is, like all other Harry Potter movies, incredibly moving and quite simply a fabulous story from beginning to end. My time in the theater flew by and I was sad to leave. I cannot wait for The Deathly Hallows!

What are some of your favorite family movies of 2009? Or any year for that matter. I would love to hear them!

Monday, August 17, 2009

NSHC reviewed by "Coffee with the Mrs."

Coffee with the Mrs. is a blog written by a SAHM (Stay at Home Mom) named Amy. She is the mother of an adorable toddler, a little boy named Alex and is pregnant with a little girl who is due in November. Her blog is a place to "chat over coffee". She writes about her life and amusing anecdotes but the main focus of her blog is given to reviews that she writes relating to all things baby. She has reviewed children's movies, children's clothing, glasses, etc... She has recently taken the time to review a few NSHC products and has posted her review here on her web page: http://www.coffeewiththemrs.com/

Here is some of the lovely things she had to say:

I have had so much fun finding adorable things for my little girl to wear after she’s born but remembered how much trouble friends were having keeping clips in their daughters’ hair. I wanted to find something cute for my daughter’s very first pictures but decided that maybe I would have to be creative or settle for something that may not stay in her hair.

Thank goodness I found the No Slippy Hair Clippy. These hair clips are pure genius and are sure to stay in anyone’s hair. Also, they’re handcrafted and each one shows the attention to detail it received.

I looked through the baby headbands to use with my baby girl’s birth announcement picture and chose this one.

DSCN0344This is the 2” Flower with Sequins on an Organdy band and sells for $9.00. It’s made for babies 0-6 months old so we’ll get plenty of use out of it. I love how delicate and sweet it looks.

Thank you Amy! Good luck with your new little girl!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

No Content Sunday

Ahhh Sundays. The day of rest, the day of leisure, the day of no content! :) So how about some silliness? Sound good? Perfect! Here are some funny baby pics I found while surfing:

First photo courtesy of whybenormal.today.com
Second photo courtesy of Bestweekever.tv
Third photo courtesy of recipeapart.com
Last photo courtesy of graphicshunt.com

Friday, August 14, 2009

Check out No Slippy on all your favorite social networks!

No Slippy Hair Clippy has finally gotten with the times and decided to reach out on Twitter, MySpace and Facebook. Everyone and their mother is connecting on these fun, hip social networks these days, so we decided it was time to join you all! Please become our friends or followers on any or all of the following pages:





And be sure to tell your friends as well. The more the merrier I always say. We look forward to see you all and tweeting until our fingers cramp up! :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Another glowing review for No Slippy.

A fantastic little blog called "Shop With me Mama" wrote a really sweet review of our clips and headbands recently. The woman behind Shop With me Mama is Kim, a stay at home Mom with two small children. As she says on her blog:

Yep, I'm honest :)

*NOTE: On ALL of my product reviews, I am honest and give my honest opinions on the product/s I am sent to review. If there is something about the product that I dislike, I will tell the company first, and if they still want me to review their product for them, I will post it, if not, I will not do a review on the product upon the companys request. So, if all you see on my website and blog is POSITIVE reviews, that is why*

So it really is wonderful to hear that she is so impressed with our products. Here is a snippet of what she had to say:

I noticed right away the difference these barrettes had between the ones on the market. The No Slippy Hair Clippies are just that, not slippery and don't slide out of hair unless you make them. What makes them so different? Well, they fully wrap each hair clip in the highest-quality Swiss Velvet, so it's always soft against your baby girls head, it will never tug on her fine hair, and they tuck a small, safe magnet under the velvet to create a secure, guaranteed non-slip clasp. How neat is that? I can tell just by the feel of these clips that they are indeed comfortable. My daughter is not one to keep things in her hair for very long, what 19 month old does? But, it did last a little longer with these cute barrettes. Still, when she was done, she was done, LOL! But in her fine hair, these did stay put and looked fabulous!

I recommend these to any Mom struggling with their little girls fine hair, trying to find barrettes that stay put! I next tried the adorable head bands. Super cute on and off. I am not sure if I noticed a real difference between the headbands and the headbands that are on the market now, but I did notice they are a lot cuter than most!

Here is a few photos of her adorable little girl wearing No Slippy:

Here Presley is wearing our Silk Flower Headband in Lavender.

Below, Presley is wearing our Audrey Baby Bow in Pink.

To read the entire review and others that Kim has written, visit her website:

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Jolie-Pitt darlings in No Slippy!!

Although this spotting was in 2007, I can't resist posting it now! After all, Brad Pitt and Angeline Jolie are Hollywood's hottest couple and their children are just as important to the tabloids these days. Brad and Angelina were photographed strolling with their daughters, Zahara and Shiloh, in New Orleans in May of 2007. Zahara was given a BopStar BabyMakes3, Big Sister basket from BopStar Baby which contains No Slippy Hair Clips. She is shown here wearing our Shocking Pink Fuzzy Birthday Cake clip! Isn't she just precious!?

Photo taken by OK! Magazine
BopStar Baby Baskets are courtesy of Mary Lenore of BopStarBaby.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Q&A with pediped founder on Footwear News

Angela Edgeworth, the co-founder of pediped footwear, recently sat down with Erin Clack of Footwear News to discuss her newly blooming company and why her shoes really are that amazing.

FN: Pediped turns five this year. Are you surprised by how quickly the company has grown?
AE: Yes, but we were always working hard, so we didn’t have much time to enjoy it and sit back and pat ourselves on the back. [Considering the rapid growth], we quickly revised our plans and goals for the company, and since then, we have been on track — even in the downturn.

FN: What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced in growing the company?
AE: With any growth company, finding and hiring the right people is always the biggest challenge. We have been fortunate over the past year to get some great people in sales, marketing and product development. We have gone from just Brian and me to more than 270 people in only a few years, so we are always seeking talented people with experience who can make our company better.

FN: You didn’t have a footwear background when you started Pediped. How did you go about learning the craft of shoemaking?
AE: We hired industry experts and weighed their opinions before we made major decisions, and we combined this with actual real-world testing. Our Originals line was continually modified for more than 18 months before the product was ever ready for market. We had parents providing constant feedback as we evolved the design we ultimately brought to market in 2004. Some of the most valuable advice came from doctors who had recently become parents.

FN: When it comes to baby shoe construction, what are some of the biggest “no-nos”?
AE: I cringe when I see babies in rigid, hard-bottomed shoes — those shoes unnaturally mold their feet. We begin life with unformed bones in our feet and over time, they fuse into the 26 bones we have as adults. This process takes a long time, and shoes that are too rigid or too tight are effectively changing the shape of a child’s foot. This is true of shoes throughout childhood, not just during the baby years. Most experts agree this process of forming the foot bones does not end until you are 25, so children should never be in tight or restrictive shoes.

FN: Why do you use coated leather bottoms on the Originals shoes instead of the more typical rubber?
AE: One big problem we see out there is the amount of rubber used on many first-walker shoes. While grip is great for adults — who push off with every step and have a standard-length stride that is developed over time — new walkers have not figured out their perfect stride length yet. First steps are tentative: Infants do not plant their foot and then push off. Instead, they slide as they take different length strides and learn just how far down the ground actually is. With rubber bottoms, the shoe grips when the sole first hits the ground, so the foot jams forward in the shoe and the child can trip. Our Originals shoes, which have leather bottoms, mimic most closely what it is like to walk barefoot.

Read the entire article here: http://www.wwd.com/footwear-news/qa-with-pedipeds-founder-2222894?gnewsid=5fce9058fdd98395f0d1570f0e774a45

These shoes are a must have for babies who have yet to take their first step and tots who are already bolting around the house like lightning. They are a wonderful blend of science and style and every little girl and boy should have a pair.

Oh, and don't forget the matching hair clips of course!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Perfect Pair!

What could be better than an adorable one of a kind No Slippy Hair Clippy? Why, a matching pair of shoes of course!! We are extremely excited to announce our collaboration with pediped™, an innovative company whose baby/children's shoes are becoming wildly popular across the U.S. and Europe. An excerpt from the official press release:

This fall, pediped™ footwear will introduce pediped™ hair clips by No Slippy Hair Clippy®. The launch represents a collaboration between the companies to create hair clips that complement pediped™ footwear’s best-selling styles: Giselle, Abigail, and Isabella. Infants and toddlers can now look even more adorable in these hand-crafted leather and grosgrain hair clips wrapped in Swiss velvet for a comfortable fit without tugging.

“This project was a joy to put together, “says Angela Edgeworth, President and co-founder of pediped™. “When we first thought of making hair clips, No Slippy was the first company that came to mind. We were impressed with No Slippy’s high quality, and felt that their clips offered our customer similar benefits in terms of quality construction, comfort, and appeal. We hope our customers have fun with them!”

pedipedfootwear is designed with your child's comfort and health in mind. Not to mention how incredibly stylish they are!

Today, pediped™ uses the latest technology, plus the highest quality materials and craftsmanship to create shoes for children that are designed to care for their feet from crawling, to those amazing first steps and into the toddler years. The philosophy of pediped™ has always been Comfort, Quality and Style, which is why pediped™ was one of the first children’s shoe companies the American Podiatric Medical Association awarded their Seal of Acceptance for promoting healthy foot development.

The Originals™ line for pre-walkers is designed to most closely mimic barefoot walking and the natural foot shape of a child. The Flex™ line combines everything she wanted for her daughters when looking for a rubber soled shoe; high quality, fine leather and a soft flexible rubber sole.

So how could we resist getting together with this amazing company and designing unique hair accessories to match their darling shoes? Check out all the different hip designs you can choose from!

So don't wait another moment, go to No Slippy Hair Clippy® or pediped's website and snatch up a few pairs of shoes and some matching clippy's in time for back to school! They are just perfect for baby gifts, birthdays or simply to spice up your sweeties wardrobe. The clips retail for only $8.00 and the shoes for $32.00! Now your little diva can sport matching clippy's and shoes and feel like the coolest girl on the playground!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

August Birthdays

August Birth Stone: Peridot

August Birth Flower: Gladiolous

Origin of the month's name: The month August is named after Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus, Julius Caesar's grandnephew. After Augustus defeated Marc Antony and Cleopatra and became emperor of Rome, the Roman Senate decided that he should have a month named after him. Welcome August!

Celebrity Baby Birthdays in August:

- Maddox Chivan Jolie-Pitt, born August 5th 2001. Maddox is the son of superstars Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

Photo from styletots.com

- Poet Sienna Rose Goldberg, born August 24th 2005. Poet is the daughter of Soleil Moon Frye (T.V's Punky Brewster) and television producer Jason Goldberg.

Photo from People.com

- John Edward Thomas Moynahan, born August 22nd 2007. John is the son of actress Bridget Moynahan and football legend Tom Brady.

Photo from Celebrity-Gossip.net

And of course we must not forget the most important... MY birthday! :) Yes I celebrate the day of my birth in August as well. So all around it seems August is a month to celebrate. That is why No Slippy Hair Clippy's clips of the month fit so perfectly! Birthday hair clippies honor this special month. Check them out! There are birthday cake clips, numbered candles, princess hats and more. I might even sport a few myself... what? I can combine a few numbers! :)