Thursday, March 4, 2010

An Update from UNICEF

I feel blessed to have received another email from Alisa Aydin of the U.S. Fund for UNICEF with updates about their efforts. It has been an honor for No Slippy Hair Clippy to work hand-in-hand with UNICEF. With our pledge to donate a part of our online sales to them, we consider it a blessing to be given the chance to help Haiti.

But now another tragedy has struck with the massive earthquake in Chile. Even with their ongoing relief efforts in Haiti, UNICEF is already on standby to extend a helping hand once again. And they can be sure that No Slippy Hair Clippy will continue to support them.

I would like to share Alisa's letter with you:

Dear Annie,

After a massive earthquake hit Chile this past weekend, UNICEF is standing ready to provide support even while continuing to push forward with ongoing relief efforts in Haiti.

As the rainy season approaches, UNICEF is working against the clock in Haiti to prevent disease outbreak by increasing the number of latrines available in the camps for those displaced by the January quake. That work is in addition to an ongoing major immunization campaign that will eventually vaccinate 500,000 people.

This month UNICEF will also be setting up hundreds of temporary schools. These classrooms provide a safe haven for children who have endured unimaginable hardship.

Show these children you stand with them by adding your photo to UNICEF's "I Stand with Haiti" petition. Photos will be included in an upcoming aid shipment.
Finally, World Water Day is March 22.

Participating in the UNICEF Tap Project is the perfect way to mark that day and ensure that children around the world have access to clean, safe water.

Alisa Aydin
U.S. Fund for UNICEF

If you would like to offer your support as well, you may visit

You may also visit our website, to take part in our Hairclips for Haiti and shop for a cause. Proceeds from online sales will be donated to UNICEF and Save the Children.

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