Monday, March 15, 2010

Ruby Tuesday!

We're seeing red again! If you are too, join Ruby Tuesday by visiting MaryT at Work of the Poet.

As I am enamored with all things Japanese, this week I'm sharing this striking image of a traditional torii gate in Kyoto, Japan.

A torii is commonly found at the entrance or within a Shinto shrine to symbolize the transition from the sacred to the profane. Its main function is to mark the entrance to a sacred space.

This reminds me of this scene in the film adaptation of Memoirs of a Geisha, where young Chiyo Sakamoto ran through a torii.

Totally breathtaking.

PONDER, PONDER, PONDER... What is one place you would definitely want to visit? Have you ever watched a movie and got so inspired to visit the places featured in it? Which movie was it? And what place?



  1. Very interesting photo. At first glance I thought it was made of pencils lined up. Nice to get the history lesson as well.

    Thank you for signing up to follow my blog and the nice comment you left on my red post this week.

  2. What a stunning shot. Talk about ruby red!
    That's interesting to learn about torii. I had never heard about them.

  3. your perspective is so lovely
    the curve is wonderful
    and the shadows are delightful

  4. nice p0st and st0ry ab0ut it.have a nice day!

  5. That is awesome! Happy Ruby Tuesday!

  6. wow! that place is beautiful and pretty interesting too :)

    u may view mine here