Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Great Deals at Everyday Steals!

New to Hair Clippy? Get acquainted with our products by browsing the Everyday Steals section of the Hair Clippy store. Everyday Steals features value-priced hair accessories for budget-conscious moms. Here you will see a sampling of the colorful hair accessories that have made us famous. Our meticulously handcrafted hair clips are wrapped in high-grade velvet to ensure that no-slip grip that won’t tug or pull at your daughter’s delicate hair.

Here are some of our suggested hair accessories for your Hair Clippy starter pack:

The Lady, available as a pinch clip, is a red 1” grosgrain ladybug that’s perfect for everyday wear. Our clips are side-specific, meaning you choose a side on which the clip is to be worn. (This is so the design doesn’t get inverted when it’s worn on the other side of the head.) You can order just the standard right, or a left, or in the case of this too cute Lady, you might just choose to order a left/right pair!

The Audrey is 2” organza Baby Bow® with tails. This classic bow is sure to elicit adoring oohs and ahhs every time your daughter wears it. The Audrey is available in black, citron, cream, light blue, navy, pink, and white.

The Casey is a multi-colored striped Bow Tie Baby Bow®. This playful mini pinch clip may be used to hold back growing bangs and is also great for highlighting your daughter’s pigtails. The Casey is available in fun colors like bubblegum, shocking pink, and turquoise.

The Elizabeth is a 4” boutique-style grosgrain bow that is available as either a pinch clip or French clip. This sweet and girly hair bow will light up your daughter’s aura and give her that girly-girl vibe. The Elizabeth is available in cream, lavender, pink, red, shocking pink, and white.


Don’t forget to check out other styles of quality hair clips and hair accessories at Everyday Steals.

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