Friday, October 1, 2010

Trick or Treatin' with No Slippy Hair Clippy!

Halloween is just around the corner and soon you’ll be dressing up your cutest little characters on the block! Of course you need to make sure the costume you choose is safe and comfortable, as well as adorable! Here are some basic guidelines:

Choose a costume that allows easy movement. Your little ones will be moving and active trick or treating, so make sure that their costume is comfortable. Avoid too many frills and high heels (for the older girls)! Your child may be the adventurous type, but avoid using masks for the under 3 crowd, as they may obscure vision and make it difficult for seeing and breathing. Comfortable attire will allow a more enjoyable evening.

Choose a costume that is visible in the dark. Since Halloween celebrations traditionally take place in the evening outside, it’s important to consider costumes that are easily visible to motorists. One suggestion is to add reflective tape to their costumes or trick or treat bag, so they are seen easily in the dark.

Choose a costume that will stay put as she moves about but can also be removed quickly. In case of an emergency, it’s best for an easy on and off costume. Look for ones that have zippers, velcro and snap-on closures. And of course, no costume is ever complete without the right hair accessories. No Slippy's® wide range of hair clips are guaranteed to stay put and add some flair to her costume! Our patent-pending design is easy to clip in, and you won’t need to worry about losing her hair clip, it will stay in snug and secure all night long!

Just in time for Halloween, the October issue of Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine has included No Slippy Hair Clippy® in their "All Dressed Up" feature about little ones getting dressed up for Trick or Treat! This lovely little ballerina is wearing our Haley Baby Bow® in pink, fast becoming a best-selling bow! Haley baby bow® comes on our 1 ¼” mini clippy, so it’s smaller, but just as grippy, and a steal at $5.95!


Aren't they simply adorable? What about you: have you thought of what your baby girl will dress up as this Halloween?

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