Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Baby Gifts Times Two!

This week, we are blogging about baby gifts and picking the perfect one for your loved ones and friends who are welcoming a baby into the world. While it can be overwhelming enough to pick a gift for one baby, imagine having to pick for parents of multiples! But it can be easy as pie with our tips below:

Baby gifts need not be expensive. The key is to stick to items that are practical and yet also unique that the twins will be able to use for a long time. One more thing to consider is that twins share everything! While it’s fun to have matching items for the darling pair, it’s also a good idea to get gifts that are unique for each baby.

Nursing Pillows
These will make feeding easier for the new mom, especially since she has two to feed!

Double Stroller
Going outdoors will be less stressful with a stroller that can hold two or more babies comfortably. There are adjustable strollers that fit smaller babies in the beginning, and can grow as they grow. This is a practical feature, but one that is much appreciated.

Personalized Stuff
For gifts that truly stand out from the rest, a personalized CD of nursery rhymes or lullabies, or picture frames bearing the names of the twins always make nice gifts.

Volunteer Babysitting
Having twins can be quite a handful, so if you have time to help take care of the little ones, we’re sure that will be greatly appreciated. Sometimes, there’s nothing better than the gift of time!

Hair Accessories
If she has twin girls, then you know she’s in for a lot of dressing up! It’s likely she’ll receive baby clothes as gifts, so why not gift some cute hair accessories instead? To promote individuality between the twins, choose hair accessories that don’t exactly match. For example, they can accessorize in the same style but in two different colors. Or they can wear two entirely different hair accessories altogether!

No Slippy’s® monogrammed clips and head wraps come with a letter of your choice! Have them monogrammed with the twins’ initials.

Joss Headband

With these hair accessories, the girls can still have something matching and yet uniquely their own! And you always know who is who!

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