Monday, September 13, 2010

It’s Time for a Hair Repair!

Believe it or not, gorgeous locks are never too far out of reach. You just need to get your hair in good health and soon you’ll be flaunting shinier, healthier hair in no time… Flash back to “The Breck Girls!” But first things first: lose the bad hair habits!

Among the most common hair nightmares are frizz, breakage and damage. These problems do not just pop out of nowhere. The way we treat our hair is oftentimes the very cause of our bad-hair-days. Here are some suggestions to help break those bad hair-habits and get better results.

Problem: Too Much Heat
When your blow-dryer is too hot, it can literally burn the surface of your hair! This will cause frizz and breakage.

Solution: Cool Down
On the surface, it may seem fine, but if it is giving off too much heat, then it's likely that its motor is already more than three or four years old. We suggest an ionic model. These models break down the size of water droplets to cut down drying time and to prevent hair damage. It is also important to give your hair a break from heat-styling. During these breaks, you can easily add flair to your locks by styling it with colorful hair accessories.

Problem: Split Ends
When you check your hair and see split ends, do you get tempted to pull the split apart so that it’s not obvious? The next time you feel this temptation, flee from it! You are only extending the split and this may lead to fly-away strands.

Solution: Cut it Out
The best solution to split ends is to cut the ends. See your stylist for a trim of at least half an inch every six weeks. Then in between your trims, use a few drops of anti-frizz serum on your hair’s ends to temporarily fuse the splits. One of my favorites is Bio-silk. It works great, and smells wonderful!

Problem: Knots Landing
When you comb your hair, it’s likely that you start from the roots and work down to the tips. You inevitably move any knots farther down the strands and make them bigger. This puts more stress on your hair and leads to breakage.

Solution: Upside Down
When combing your hair, try beginning at your ends and then work your way up to the roots. The key is to detangle a few inches at a time. For those extra nasty knots, mist on a leave-in conditioner and then gently detangle it using the point of a teasing comb.

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