Friday, September 3, 2010

Do You Need a Hair Makeover?

How do you know when it’s already time to redo your hairdo? shares the top 10 signs that your tresses need some updating!

SIGN #1: Your hair has no volume.
It falls flat and no longer has body or movement, even after you’ve lovingly spent time to style it! This is a definite signs that you need a hair makeover, or at the very least, a trim.

SIGN #2: Your high school friends assure you that “you haven't changed a bit!”
Take it as a sign to do the exact opposite: change! If you can’t decide what cut you want, leaf through magazines and get inspired by the photos. Collect the images of the cuts you would consider. When you’re decided and ready, schedule a salon appointment and just go for it!

SIGN #3: Your highlights are more noticeable than your base color.
Your highlights may have become too heavy. Consider a single process to cover the streaks and lay off new highlights for at least three months.

SIGN #4: You're not receiving compliments on your hair anymore.
The easiest way to add instant pizzazz to ho-hum hair is by setting your strands in hot rollers for the softest, sexiest waves.

SIGN #5: Your hair and skin tone match.
Consider lowlights. Add deeper, warmer streaks using peroxide and ammonia-free color to give your look loads of dimension without damaging your hair.

SIGN #6: Your clothes have evolved; your hair hasn't.
When you update your clothing style, it’s the perfect time to update your hairdo as well. This way, your new look will literally work from head to toe!

SIGN #7: Two words: Brillo pad.
Marie Claire suggests that lopping off significant length may be the only way to eliminate dryness. But in the meantime, switch to a cream-based styler to add moisture to your hair, which will render it more supple and less apt to break.

SIGN #8: You pull your hair into a ponytail all the time.
Give your locks some shape by getting bangs or layers. These will make you more excited to wear your hair down.

SIGN #9: You spend more than 20 minutes styling your hair.
This may mean that your cut is not making the most of your texture. If you have curly hair, consider getting long layers. If you have straight locks, get a blunt bob to give it a boost.

SIGN #10: Your stylist could cut your hair with her eyes closed.
We hate to break it to you, but you may need new eyes looking at your hair and new hands giving it the pizzazz it needs!

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