Friday, October 8, 2010

5 More Minutes - Hair Rescue!

There are days when your bed just seems to be beckoning you to sleep in. And you say to yourself, “Okay, five more minutes,” only to wake up a full hour later! What do you do when you’re running late and you barely have time to pull yourself together? Well, you will have to figure out how to breeze through the shower and squeeze in a bit of breakfast. But you can leave your bed-head woes to us! We have some style tricks to make you look effortlessly chic:

The Basics
• The ultimate time-saver is to shower in the evening so that you can let your hair air-dry overnight and just do little tweaks in styling the next morning.
• Always in a rush? Keep dry shampoos handy! Use these when you have to skip the shower to keep your hair clean, fresh and non-greasy throughout the day.
• For a no-fuss way of hiding less-than-perfect hair, no matter what the length or cut, headbands are your best friends. Choose gorgeous designs, like No Slippy Hair Clippy’s headbands! Here’s one of my favorites!

If you really MUST shower, here are quick tricks:

For Short Hair
The great thing about short hair is that it looks just as good when it’s a bit messy! Go for an elegantly disheveled look. Apply pomade to damp hair and for a bit of movement, spritz on a light hair spray and then allow to air-dry.

For Shoulder-Length Hair
Hair at this length is easier to style than you think! A chic go-to hairstyle is a sexy sideswipe. After you shower, apply a leave-in treatment on your tresses to keep it shiny and tangle-free. Then take a section of your hair from the crown and pull to the side. Fasten into place with your favorite hair clippy. Mist with hair spray and voila: you’re out the door to wow everyone!

For Long Hair
Unwashed hair? Perfect! You can easily pull off a half-up, half-down hairstyle. Run a little mousse through your hair. Make a deep side part and then pull the front section backwards loosely. Do the same to the other side and then fasten with a cute hair clip. End with a little styling cream and to give it a feminine finish, pull your loose hair over your shoulders.

If you want a little more polish, then go for a simple braid. A braid is the hairstyle of the moment and it cannot be any easier to do! Start braiding towards the middle of your head and then pull to the side, towards your shoulder, for a French-braid effect.

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  1. The headband is so pretty and it looks so nice on the model...Christine