Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More Mommy Love for No Slippy Hair Clippy

A lot of chefs would say that the best compliment anybody could ever give them is an empty plate. After all, what could be more telling of your superb cooking skills than your food being thoroughly enjoyed by your guests? If they go for seconds, then even better!

For us at No Slippy Hair Clippy, the best compliment that we could ever receive are happy moms and daughters bonding over our no-slip clips! So we are very honored and grateful when moms take the time to share those special moments with us!

Recently, Today's Parent Magazine's Special Editions associate editor Tracy Chappell blogged about her adventures with her little picky eater, Avery, who has been slowly trying new things like fresh tomatoes and cucumbers. With the blog entry, she shared a photo of Avery looking lovely with her No Slippy Hair Clippy!

Tracy wrote:

"I’ve gotta also say, this is the first time I got Avery to leave any sort of “decoration” in her hair. We tried out the No Slippy Hair Clippy brand and they’re adorable and stay put in a child’s fine hair. I wish you could see it better in the picture, because it was so cute. Anna also adores them." [from Tracy's Mama Memoirs]

Thank you so much Tracy! We are thrilled that Avery love our no-slip clips!

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