Friday, June 3, 2011

Frizz-Free Hairstyles

Hello hot weather, hello frizzy hair!

Summer means lots of wonderful outdoor activities for you and your daughter, but it’s also definitely the frizziest time of the year, and if you don’t care for her hair, the dreaded frizz can set in, in no time! What causes hair frizz? Three things: Heat, humidity and constant hair touching!

For the first two, a simple shower and shampoo combo is often the best solution, but constant hair touching is a little trickier to solve. You’ll have to choose hairstyles that keep her locks in place all day, so she won’t have to run her hands through her hair to move stray hairs out of the way.

To get you started, I picked out three cute and effortless styles that can help reduce self-inflicted frizz to a minimum.

Side-Clipped Bangs

There’s no stopping your daughter from playing a little hopscotch with the neighborhood kids, but you can keep her hair in perfect place with a pair of Dannielynn bow clips, making sure she won’t need to fix her bangs with every skip and jump. These beautiful polka dot bows come in three colored pairings, including purple on pink, red on lavender and shocking pink on sea foam.

The Classic Headband Look

Perfect for a windy day on a fairground carousel, hold her hair firmly in place with the bubblegum cute Cory headband, made in white organdy fabric.

Pulled Back Bow

With the right styling, difficult to control longer hair can be far easier to manage than you might imagine. A simple pulled back look using our Fiona clipette™ bow, for example, reins in those pesky loose locks and looks more casual and elegant than a low ponytail.

If all goes well, these easy tips will help keep the summer frizz at bay. Be sure to visit the No Slippy Hair Clippy® store for more hair accessories!

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  1. It is not just the young folks that need a good hair cut. I am going next week to get something done that is easy to keep in the summer. Pretty girl with pretty hair.