Monday, June 6, 2011

The Power of the Cuddle

Babies are cuddle magnets, that’s a simple fact of life. They have that amazing ability to stop complete strangers in the street and turn visiting relatives’ arms into willing cribs!

Free cuddles are around every corner – and that’s a good thing! Some people believe that babies who enjoy more physical contact in the form of cuddles, hugs and kisses grow up to be more sociable and affectionate.

So if you want to give her all the positive attention she can handle, go ahead and dress her up in adorable accessories from No Slippy Hair Clippy®.

First on our list of sure caring cuddle boosters is the Dottie baby bow. This charming accessory attracts loving hugs with its bold polka dot design. You can even choose from among seven different colors, from the bright red wonder in this picture to shocking pink and classic navy.

Selma Hayek can’t keep her hands off her daughter Valentina, and who can blame her! Valentina’s sporting the lovely Lucy baby bow in bubblegum pink with white dots. This clip bow is intricately crocheted, and gives a punch of color and a dash of style to even the most basic of outfits.

Meanwhile, the Zoey headband is almost as precious as its newborn wearer... dawwww! The pink organza tufts highlight those rosy cheeks and serve as a wonderful compliment to patterned dresses. With this no-slip headband serving as an accent, she’ll win over the adoring crowd and create a long line of loving huggers.

Whatever accessories you may choose, just remember to give her as many cuddles, hugs and kisses as you can.

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