Saturday, May 28, 2011

Prepare Her Summer Hair

With school coming to a close soon and the summer holidays just over the horizon, how about treating your lovely daughter to a sun-kissed makeover?

Soon she’ll be trading boring school wear for bright flip-flops, wide rimmed aviators, cute swimwear, and breezy sun dresses to make the most of the warm weather. It’s the time of year for hanging out at the mall, window shopping, and sharing ice cream and the odd bit of gossip with friends.

Needless to say, layers are out in the sweltering heat, a light, airy look with minimal accessories helps accentuate that fun, lighthearted look.

I tracked down three popular summer hair styles perfect for her warm weather wardrobe, all of them flattering, trendy, and embellished by lovely No Slippy Hair Clippy® hair accessories. Let me know how many compliments she gets!

Deep Side Part

Show off your daughter’s great bone structure and flawless skin with a deep side part. You can tuck the Fiona clipette™ bow  into the extended side of the deep part, and soften up the look even more with curled ends or a braided lock.

Beach Waves

Wavy surfer-like locks are all the rage during summer; your daughter can rock this look and keep things tidy with strategically placed hair clips.

The Daphne hair clip (shown above right) and our range of other flower-themed clips all add a vibrant pop to the typical wavy look, their bold and bright designs still in keeping with this season’s most popular colors.

Cool Casual Clipped

For those lazy afternoons spent reading books at the patio or biking along the neighborhood trails, the casual clipped hairstyle lends cool comfort and an easygoing vibe.

To get the look, gather stray locks around the back neatly with a Belinda flower clip, creating a softer alternative to a pulled-back ponytail. These leather daisy clips come in six mod-inspired colors, including sunflower (above) that adds a wonderful highlight to darker brunette and brown-blonde hair.

Just keep the basics of summer hair in mind – fun, easy and cool – and you won’t go wrong. Have fun!

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