Thursday, May 26, 2011

Selecting a Playtime Outfit

Taking your daughter to the park or playground for playtime? Don’t let her wear just any cute dress and slippers. It’s important that you choose comfortable yet still stylish clothes that she can move in.
Basically, there are three essential items to include in your daughter’s playtime outfit.

Secure and soft-padded shoes. Choose footwear that has secure straps and laces. Shoes with a layer of plush padding are also recommended to reduce foot strain. Avoid slippers and other loose footwear as these tend to slip off and go missing

Covered and stretchy, not bulky! Bulky clothes tend to snag or get caught, also, since the weather’s warm and sunny you can go with dresses, tops and bottoms made of light and flexible fabrics. Cover up her knees and elbows with stretchy undershirts and leggings for the more physical activities.

No Slippy Hair accessories! There’s no helping it, your daughter’s hair will be at its most active during playtime. Jumping, running, sliding, skipping and hopping is a nightmare test for ordinary clips, but then, No Slippy hair clips and headbands aren’t ordinary, are they!

Our patent-pending designs designed specifically to keep your daughter’s locks in place no matter how active she gets. Here are a few lovely clip ideas from our store.

No matter how excited she gets, our cutest clippettes™ stay right where you clip them, gently keeping her hair in perfect place. What’s wonderful about the Jordan clippette™ bow (above right) and the Argyle print clippette™  (above left) is that they look just as adorable when paired with a playtime outfit and add a wonderful sense of quiet playfulness when paired with something more formal.

No Slippy headbands are also a playtime favorite because of their snug fit and beautiful designs that add spice to even a simple tees-pants and sneakers combination. The Reagan headband (above) is one of our most elaborate and popular styles, with its multi-layer flower and precious beads which shimmer in the sunlight.

So now you’re all set for a wonderful time in the park - shoes, clothes and accessories are all ready to, just don’t forget a camera to capture those memories!


  1. Great suggestions for those with a pretty little girl. This one is certainly a darling.

  2. One thing I love about NSHC is versatility. You can mix and match it with any clothes you have and the outcome is always fabulous - anywhere and anytime of the day.