Friday, February 26, 2010

Tough Love

So Valentine's Day is long gone. And pretty soon, February. But that doesn't mean we can't have a laugh at the worst Valentine's Day gifts of 2010 right? Come on, you're curious and we both know it!

Yahoo's Shine website compiled the top 13 worst gifts to give and unfortunately receive this love month:

"We know what you're going to say: It's the thought that counts. But, honestly, it's really not thoughtful to buy your mate a terrible gift—on Valentine's Day or ever. So, please, we beg you, significant others everywhere, don't drop your cash on any of the cutesy-bad or clueless-gross presents we've outlined [below]. No one wants them. Don't waste your money on this stuff! We're in a recession! Let's just all love each other, OK?"

Self-help books
Because we can't see anyone not taking this personally.

Anything sharp
Because it's supposed to be bad luck. According to some ancient philosophies knives and sharp objects like scissors and swords send harsh energy and are meant to sever the relationship with the receiver. (Me: Plus imagine what she would do if she really, really hates it.)

'Romantic' Facebook gifts
Because you know why.

Exercise gifts
Even if they're well-intentioned—unless the person you love begged for it—gifts like scales, exercise equipment, workout DVDs, and running shoes can lead to loads of misunderstanding, hurt feelings, and "You think I'm fat!" fights.

Office supplies
Remember "Say Anything"? Remember: "I gave her my heart and she gave me a pen"? It's kind of like that.

Drugstore chocolates
Because nothing says "I felt like I had to get you SOMETHING, OKAY?" like a red cellophane-wrapped heart with stale candy inside.

Gimmicky 'joke' gifts
Because they're usually dumb and, even if both of you laugh about it the moment, you just plunked down 13 bucks on something that's now a total waste of space.

For the rest of the worst gifts, click here!

Have you received anything worse than these? Send us a photo and a little something about it!

Photos from Google Images.

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