Monday, May 3, 2010

A Day for Mama

You rarely ever meet anyone else in all your life who would love you as much as your momma did. It's a shining example of unconditional love--how she would accept you despite of you, without fail and almost to a fault. This month, why not celebrate your mother for all of May, and not just on one day?

Here are Baby Sugar's list of not-so-common Mother's Day Gift Ideas:

A Cleanup Fairy "I love playing with all of my kids' toys. I despise arguing with them over cleaning them up. Half of our battles would never exist if a cleanup fairy could suddenly appear to whisk them all away."

Photography Lessons "As the official photographer in our family, I try to get the perfect shot every time. Over the past four years, my family has gifted me with all of the necessary equipment, now I'd love learn how to properly use it, and take it off of the automatic settings."

A Stress- (and cleanup) free Family Dinner "The idea of a family dinner that doesn't include having to think up a menu, chasing kids around the table, mopping up spilled drinks, or rushing through the meal sounds positively divine."

More gift ideas here!

Of course, don't forget our No Slippy Hair Clippy hair accessories for women! Our clippys aren't only for babies or toddlers, we have a whole range of sophisticated styles for women. The lovely lady in the photo is wearing a Wendy Hearts with Tails clippy:

To see more choices for women, please do visit our site! We're sure you'll find something your mom would adore.

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