Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Baby Bonding Activity: Play Easter Dress-Up!

Bunnies, eggs and jellybeans—everything Easter’s surely in the air!

The Easter holidays are the perfect excuse for a little family fun, hunting for painted eggs and lounging in garden chairs after a wonderful brunch. For you and your little ones, Easter can be a magical bonding time and made all the more memorable by some choice hair accessories from No Slippy Hair Clippy.

Candy-Colored Clipettes for Babies
Our candy-colored clipettes are just the right choice for little ones with a sweet tooth.

The popular Dots clipettes come in a range of beautiful pastel colors and have a non-slip grip designed to keep your baby’s hair comfortably in place all day. The round shapes evoke the bright-colored eggs so popular during this time of year, and you can choose from a selection of colors ranging from Turquoise to Lime (both in picture) and even classic White.

The bunny is another enduring symbol of Easter, and you can have this cuddly animal accompany your baby at all times. Choose between two cute designs: The Bunny pinch clip (above left) which shows a white bewhiskered wabbit, or the Alisha pinch clip (above right) which has a felt stitch bunny face in citron pink.

Easter Hair Accessories for Mommies
Speaking of the Easter bunny, do you know why most of them are colored pink? According to tradition, pink signifies a fresh beginning.

As the mother of a beautiful baby, wearing pink hair accessories can be your way of celebrating the arrival of your baby girl into the world.

The Emily bow (above) is a sweet shade of light pink that looks splendid on light or dark hair.

A sparkly option is the Heather headband, which has a multi-layer flower, gilded with sequins and beads. It comes in both shocking pink (in picture) and white.

It doesn’t matter if your hair is curly, wavy, or straight—our clips and headbands are comfortable, and they just work!

The No Slippy Hair Clippy store also has many more hair accessories for babies and their mothers – check them out and you may find more beautiful pairings for Easter!


  1. I am thankful I came across a site that sells clips and headbands that work with everyone - whether your short or long haired, and no matter it's straight or curly.

    You got a loyal customer. Keep it up and more power NSHC!!!

  2. These hair clips are very cute! I like the idea of matching mom and daughter ones! Thanks!