Monday, June 7, 2010

To all the Fathers

June has finally come. That means not only is summer just around the corner, so is Father's Day! Our dads may not be as *ahem* adept in household work as much as our moms are, but they are an irreplaceable part of the family. Plus, dad will always have the honor of being the first guy who loved you unconditionally.

When I was a kid, I remember how my father would patiently play pretend with me for HOURS. He would "pretend cook" with me and "pretend eat" with me and sometimes we'd even have "pretend parties" with all my stuffed animals. As a child, of course I had no concept of time! So I would keep playing until something else captivates my interest. He tells me now how it honestly bored him to death, which I find even more endearing, because I don't ever recall him declining any of my invitations to my imagined celebrations.

This month, let's celebrate these special men in our lives. Whether it's your own father, your father-in-law, your gramps, or your hubby, these dads in our lives deserve to know how much we appreciate their presence. So make them feel extra special!

Here are some fun craft ideas from Disney Family Fun that you can do with your kids for Father's Day:


Help Dad keep his car neat, clean, and clutter-free with a personalized storage box. Have your kids decorate a sturdy cardboard box -- you'll want to flatten it first to make it easier to decorate. When they're finished, assemble the box, tape the bottom, and tuck in the flaps. For handles, use a craft knife to cut 2 X's through all the layers on each end of the box (a parent's job). Push a pencil through the center of each X to create holes. Thread a 24-inch length of rope through each set of holes and knot the ends on the inside.


Delight him at every turn by leaving Father's Day wishes all over the house. Sing Dad's praises in stand-alone messages taped here and there, or set up successive signs leading him to a gift or a sumptuous Sunday breakfast.

More fun ideas at Disney Family Fun's website!

Images from Disney Family Fun.

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