Wednesday, June 23, 2010

All the Single Dads...

All you single fathers out there, we salute you! Parenting has got to be one of the toughest jobs on the planet and doing it alone requires near-superhuman powers. This Father's Month (yes, we have declared it!) we give you this little tribute to hopefully make your lives a little easier.

This week will be all about parenting tips that has helped us moms through the years and which we hope will be helpful to you as well. I found an insightful rundown of tips from BabyZone on how to calm a crying baby:

22 Ways to Calm a Crying Baby

Stay Calm
The best thing parents can do when their infant is crying is to stay calm. An increase in your stress level will increase your baby's. Remain calm and your baby might follow suit.

Check Baby's Diaper
A wet or soiled diaper is one of the most common reasons for a baby's tears. Even if you have recently changed your baby's diaper, it's still a good idea to check again. Check Baby's diaper first before trying other calming methods, and change as needed.

Check Baby's Temperature
Feel the back of your baby's neck to see if she is too hot or too cold. Add or remove layers accordingly. If you're not sure whether the skin temperature feels normal, take your baby's temperature with a thermometer. If your baby has a fever—any temperature above 100.4°F or 38°C—you should call your child's doctor.

Feed Baby
Most babies cry when they are hungry. Try offering the breast or bottle to soothe your little one. Sometimes breastfeeding mothers worry that they will overfeed their babies because their babies seem to want to eat so often. Experts say it is normal for breastfeeding babies to eat often, as breast milk is quickly absorbed.

Ease Gas Pain
If Baby starts crying after a feeding, he may have a gas bubble. Try patting his back, bending his knees toward his chest, or rubbing his back while he lies on your lap to release the gas. Successful burping is a skill most parents come to pride themselves on, but it's also one of the oddest things a person could have imagined doing before becoming a parent.

Distract Baby
It's surprising how often this method works. Parents who've tried this suggest making faces or blowing raspberries as surefire ways to make Baby laugh, and to take her mind off of the reason for her tears.

Sometimes, all a baby needs is love. Take a few moments to snuggle with your little one. Give him kisses and hugs, hold him close, and tell him how much you love him.

Change the Way You Hold Baby
Some little ones like to be held over the shoulder, some prefer the football hold, and still others like to be held facing out. Experiment to learn what your infant likes best.

Sing or Hum
Soft, gentle songs sung by a familiar voice will often calm Baby's cries. Even if the singer is not particularly gifted, give this tip a try. Humming also offers a soothing vibratory sensation.

A slow, repetitive motion can lull Baby into a peaceful state. The warmth of a loved one's body and the snuggling that goes along with the dance are added benefits.

More tips at BabyZone!

Our lovely little model is wearing No Slippy Hair Clippy's Lindsey Headband. Photographed by Amanda Elkins.

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