Thursday, June 3, 2010

Glee Girls!

I think the Glee Bug has bitten me! Each week, I look forward to each new episode, after which I am sure to be singing that episode's songs for days!

The characters are interesting and the song numbers are great, great fun. Plus the actors playing them are incredibly talented. Those Glee kids may not always make the best decisions, but I enjoy watching this show simply because for once, I'm not ogling at a group of gorgeous rich kids living on Park Avenue that I cannot relate to at all. Not bashing shows like that, of course! It's just that I am thrilled that for once, here is a show that speaks to my inner geek!

In fact, here's a little secret: I was in the glee club in high school too! I didn't get slushified in the face, though, thankfully. In all honesty, those were very exciting times in my life. It may sound cliche to say it, but glee club really DID bring out the best in me! You see, I have always been rather shy. But having to perform in front of those crowds and compete in all those nerve-wracking contests trained me to put a little more faith in myself and in what I can do.

But enough about me! Have you ever wondered how those adorable Glee girls are like in real life? Is Lea Michele as ambitious as Rachel Berry? Is Naya Rivera such a meanie like Santana Lopez? You'll be surprised!

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