Friday, September 9, 2011

Spy Kids in Action!

SPY KIDS: All the Time in the World is a rollicking adventure movie that brings with it new gags, new gadgets and thrilling action for the kids to enjoy. It features two cute and cool spy girls from the Wilson family – Spy Kid Rebecca and Spy Kid Baby – with Mom Marissa (Jessica Alba) along on a mission to catch the “Timekeeper”, an insane time-stealing villain!

This new generation of Spy Kids uses new hi-tech spy gear to take out swarms of enemies and catch the nefarious Timekeeper. Amidst the thrilling action, Spy Kid Rebecca maintains a prim and proper hairstyle that never fails to highlight her unique beauty.

Let your daughter step into the shoes of Spy Kid Rebecca and have a grand adventure outdoors! Get a similar look with a pretty and gorgeous hairstyle by using Hair Clippy’s Clipettes Dots.

Clipette Dots

This perfect-for-playtime clip has a non-slip grip that stays on; so you don’t have to worry about it ever slipping out!

Elsewhere, Spy Marissa and the absolutely adorable Spy Kid Baby (Belle Solorzano) are fighting crime.  This super-cool spy mom is a member of the Organization of Super Spies, the world’s top spy agency.  Spy Kid Baby sports a clip-over-the-top hairstyle that holds her hair neatly to one side, with a distinctive handful of hair worn up in a bunch - perfect for a cool spy kid baby in action!

Adorn your baby with an all-action hairstyle using hair clips from No Slippy Hair Clippy. Go for a high ponytail and clip it snugly and comfortably with Hair Clippy’s Charlotte hair clip:


The Charlotte hair clip comes with a plush velvet flower with a gemstone center. You can choose from several colors to match your baby’s outdoor outfit — black, light blue, olive, lavender, shocking pink, red, white, pink, and navy.

There are plenty of cool and adventurous choices of hair accessories for you to choose from at the No Slippy Hair Clippy store. Have a good look around, stay active, enjoy the ride, and the movie!

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