Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Come together the “BANGSTYLE” way!

Hairstyle enthusiasts and passionate artists are coming together to invade the blogosphere through Bangstyle.com.

We are pleased to share with you Bangstyle.com, a network of creative and enthusiastic artists!

Connect and Educate
No Slippy Hair Clippy and Bangstyle.com have more than a little in common; we both strive to “share” and to “inspire”. As a connected community of artists and stylists, Bangstyle.com encourages everyone to share their cuts, styles, colors and trends for FREE. Sound familiar? It’s a similar philosophy to what we do here on the Hair Clippy’s blog!

Bangstyle.com also allows you to promote anything about hair, fashion, plus the newest and coolest information you got in your blog bank!

Visit Bangstyle.com to get some cool and hip info, and to connect with creative people across the globe and talk fashion and hair!

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