Monday, October 3, 2011

Love Your Baby

When it’s just the two of you, and your baby is warm, snuggly and fresh from the bath, nothing relaxes her more than a soothing massage.

Giving her a massage is a fun, relaxing way to bond with your baby. Modern research has concluded that regularly massaging your baby helps promote overall physical and emotional health. Just as a massage provides a relaxing sensation to adults, it also helps foster a sense of security and overall well-being in babies.

Here are some specific benefits of infant massage:

·         Improves sleep patterns
·         Promotes good digestion
·         Reduces the effects of stress
·         Enhance overall health

Tips on massaging your baby:

  1. The best time to massage your baby is after a good warm bath.
  2. Make sure that the room is warm and that the two of you are in a comfortable position. Lay your baby on her changing table, on the bed, or on your lap.
  3. Warm a few drops of natural oils or baby lotion in your hands before giving her a massage.
  4. Maintain eye contact with your baby and be gentle!

Follow these simple steps to give your baby a soothing massage:

Step 1: Begin by massaging her head in a gentle circular motion. Start with the forehead, eyebrows, nose, around the mouth and jaw. Then smooth both of your hands down to her ears.

Step 2: Work your way down. Rub across her shoulders and chest in one circular motion and maintain eye contact.

Step 3: Make gentle, light circular motions on her tummy. Then massage one hand after the other, from her right side to the left.

Step 4: Carefully rub each arm between your hands. Open her hand and gently massage each finger.

Step 5: Gently rub each leg between your arms. Massage each foot with your thumb, and rub all her toes.

Step 6: Turn her on her tummy and stroke her back in long, gentle, sweeping lines from shoulders to feet.

Show your love to your bundle of joy and give her a gentle and warm massage!

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