Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ask Annie!

Hannah from Memphis wrote:

Hi Annie :)

I’ve got a third birthday coming up in a couple of weeks for my 3 year old niece, Ashley. We’re both Pisces’ and share the same birthday, so I’d like to take her to see the aquarium exhibit at the zoo to celebrate. I also really want for both of us to look pretty and maybe take some photos we can cherish together when she’s older. Do you have any ideas?

Hannah, there are few things more fun at that age than a trip to the zoo, so I’m sure you’ll both have a wonderful time! Choosing the right hair accessories can be tricky, so I’m always happy to help.
I think your niece would look great in one of our Zahara Animal Clips! They’re super comfy, fit snugly, and look absolutely adorable. 

And for you, Hannah, I’d recommend our Seraphina light blue dolphin. Since you’re both Pisces’, coordinating sea creatures will look adorable!

Dolphins and sea turtles love to play together, so what a wonderful way to accessorize your hair and celebrate your special day with your niece! Whatever you decide, I hope you and your niece have a fantastic day, take lots of pictures!

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