Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ask Annie!

Rory from Massachusetts wrote:

Hi Annie,
My sorority is throwing an 80’s theme party next week and I’m really looking forward to it. As I’ve been researching a lot about 80’s fashion lately, I do know who I’ll be going as. MADONNA!

Having naturally wavy blonde hair is a plus.
I won’t be copying her exactly (as I don’t have enough time on my hands to recreate the look) but I definitely want to emulate the same style. You know, make it my own.

Picked out what to wear already but I need help with my hair accessories. What do you suggest?

Wow, that party sounds really cool! The 80’s was all about energy, fun and flash. I should know, I was there! :o)

Good choice for choosing Madonna as your style inspiration, Rory! I agree, having her same hair color and texture is to your advantage. Just tease your hair and use tons of hairspray.

Madonna circa 1985 in the film Desperately Seeking Susan is surely one
of the many iconic looks of the Queen of Pop

Apart from the hair, prints were also big in that decade. Neon and metallic shades were THE colors to wear but when it comes to prints, animal is the way to go! Just check out the bold black and yellow animal print on Madonna’s jacket in the photo above.

Lucky for you, there are two options to choose from to effortlessly pull off the 80’s hairstyle:

Valerie Zebra Print Bow

Valerie Leopard Print Bow

Your hair will totally be on point whatever bow ($ 7.95 each) you choose. Just wear them to the side and fasten them in place. Have a rockin’ time at the party!

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