Monday, October 5, 2009

And the winners are...

Many thanks go out to everyone who submitted their vote for their favorite pediped clippy. There were quite a few of you which makes us feel really great about our readers and all the support No Slippy is getting. There was clearly a favorite as far as the amount of times one clip in specific was chosen and that was our Abigail Pink Leather Flower.

Coming in second was our Isabella Red Patent Leather Bow.

Coincidentally our two winners are women who picked those two clips! Without further ado, our first winner is Samantha Raine Bufete who will be receiving the Abigail Pink Leather Flower clip and our second winner is Denise Atamian who will be receiving our Isabella Red Patent Leather Bow. Congratulations ladies! You will be receiving emails regarding any further details!


  1. Great! If I only I have someone to give it to.
    Congratulations! ^_^

  2. Has any of the winners received it yet? I hope they can be able to send pictures of their daughter wearing the cute clips. =)

  3. Hi Jessica! The clips have been sent out and I will be asking the winners to send pictures as soon as they can so stay tuned! :)