Friday, December 17, 2010

A trip down memory lane

Fashion is cyclical. We all know that by now as we’ve seen proof of the oversized, lopsided hair bow revival courtesy of A-list designer Marc Jacobs.
Pack rats have a lot to be thankful for because 10 or 20 years from now, what’s tucked away in the attic will likely be in style and highly coveted again. I see nothing wrong with hanging on to old stuff, especially when they have sentimental value and in turn, make you earn style points in the future :)
Here we revisit the top 3 hair accessories that played a huge part in our growing up. These trends exploded everywhere from the 80s to the 90s!
Do you remember…
Butterfly Clips?
Sometime in the mid to late 90s, plastic winged insects in every color of the rainbow made a home in thousands of little girls and teens’ heads. Typically, girls spent each day sectioning their hair by pinning them down with butterfly clips. The result? A multicolored row of butterflies on top of your hair (or what’s left of it!). Nothing beats the girly factor of this hair accessory, which was perhaps introduced to help offset the decade’s tough wardrobe staples such as combat boots and baggy jeans. 
So did you ever wear any of these? Bonus points if they were glittery! Glitter, just so you know, was also a ubiquitous fashion trend of the 90s.
You didn’t have to be ultra-feminine or prom princess material to pull off scrunchies. Even the tomboys and grandmas wore them. That was how widespread these hair accessories were in the mid-80s all the way to the late 90s. They were basically elastic hair ties, except covered in scrunched (hence the name) fabric. Bulky and coming in a smorgasbord of colors, prints and materials, scrunchies were a hit with women of all ages. People even started making scrunchies of their own to match the exact design of their outfits. The color-coordinated look was big back then too.
Lately, there’s been an effort to bring back these well-loved hair accessories. UK-based retailer Topshop has started selling versions of them and other stores followed suit. Despite the comeback attempt, scrunchies are still considered old news.
Banana Clips? 
Shaped like a banana (though it came in colors other than yellow) with two comb-like sections, banana clips are an accurate representation of hair trends in the 80s. As if hair wasn’t already huge on its own (what with all the teasing, crimping, and perming), banana clips added that extra oomph to take the rockin’ 80s look a little further. They were usually worn vertically down the back of the head, resembling a fauxhawk.
Can you see any of these trends making a successful comeback soon? You never know when things catch on…again! :o)

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  1. I wasn't really into the 80s look (was born in 85 but grew up in the 90s) until I watched Ashes to Ashes and saw the way the women dressed.

    Still not impressed with big hair though as it takes the attention off the facial features.