Thursday, May 14, 2015

No-Slip, Ouch-Free Ponies!

No-Slip, Ouch-Free Ponies!

So your little one has this wild, untamed hair, and it's going every which way, just out of control...What's a mother to do?

Hair Clips are a good solution most of the time, but pulling that hair off her face and neck can be quite a dilemma. That's when using a soft, terry pony tail holder can be the key.

No Slippy's terry ponies are a perfect solution to the curly/wavy hair problem. They come in two styles, the Korker ribbon pony, and the Alia felt flower pony.  Use them as a pair, and do pony pairs, or pull her hair back on both sides, and use one in the back of the head.  Either way, they're terrific products that look adorable, and are child-friendly, at last!

~Little Miss Clippy

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