Thursday, June 11, 2009

Update on Disney XD's "Zeke and Luther"

You might remember from a previous post that our No Slippy model, Ryan Newman is starring in a brand new series, "Zeke and Luther" on the Disney XD channel. Well, this just in: the series will officially be airing on Monday June 15th at 8:30 PM. The Disney Insider just posted a new article and had this to say about Ryan and her integral part on the show:

What do you get when you take two quirky 15-year-old guys, add in a love of all things Tony Hawk, and a desire to be the greatest skateboarders ever? The answer is Disney XD's next big hit show of the summer, "Zeke & Luther," which premieres on June 15. But it isn't just the awesome tricks and cool stunts that make this show worth the watch, there's the surprise role of Ginger, Zeke's younger sister, who brings forth plenty of laughs and throws a little girl power into a show that, on paper, might sound all-boy.

At the grand old age of 11, actress Ryan Newman holds her own in this boy-heavy cast. Adding wit and a touch of sass to the show -- combined with her uncompromising comedic timing -- Ryan makes Ginger a three-dimensional character. Ginger outwits her brother and his best buddy time and time again, as any precocious sister would do. Along the way, she proves herself to be the one in charge -- even when big brother Zeke doesn't know it.

Be sure to tune in, it should be tons of fun for the whole family, not to mention the fact that Ryan will be sporting No Slippy Hair Clips on the show! Congrats Ryan!! Knock 'em dead girl!

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